DingCoin Network White Paper

Draft 1.0


1.       Introduction

2.      Transactions and consolidation

3.      The Objective of the Project in Advertising

4.      Road Map

5.       DingCoin Network Link

1. Introduction

          Unlike Bitcoin, DingCoin Network is crypto money based on a mobile-based mining system that brings a different perspective to the crypto industry where there is no energy consumption. The main purpose of this crypto money, which is named after the “DingCoin “, which is known for its industriousness and doing its job in perfect harmony within a group, is to enable people to step into the crypto sector without any time or effort, through the group they have formed during the time they spend in the mobile world.

The mining experience is playful and straightforward making it easy for everyone regardless of background or previous knowledge of the crypto industry to be able to earn Dingcoin just by tapping a button on their phone. The best part of the concept is that it is entirely free to get started and mine Dingcoin (just download our app)

2. Transactions and consolidation

The DingCoin Network Exchange app is released in March 2022 and provides a secure system for players to make transactions, see their balance, transaction history, and some options for investing DingCoin for the opportunity to earn even more. These however will be revealed later on – IT’S BIG!

3. The Objective of the Project in Advertising

Our goal is to bring the advertising industry that has a volume of over 400 billion dollars annually monopolized in the hands of some global companies into the crypto world. Before we achieve this great goal, we have a whole set of projects that we need to carry out. Projects that fall outside of this main goal can be considered as a preliminary step to achieve our main goal. 

In the advertising industry, global companies make a gain of nearly 40% only as a system expense. Advertisers, users and content producers are highly affected by this 40% loss. While advertisers pay more for advertising, content producers earn less and users, on the other hand, are manipulated to watch more ads. Furthermore, users, i.e. those who watch/see the ad, do not make any gain.

           The main goal of DingCoin Network is to establish a system where advertisers, users and content producers all will win. The advertising system will act as a bridge between advertisers and content producers, and there will be an estimated commission/system charge deduction of between 5% and 3%. The advertiser will have paid less and the content producer, on the other hand, will have earned more. For the ad viewers not to be adversely affected by this situation, we will offer them a small amount of gain and the opportunity to spend these while watching videos or playing mobile games.

            Our first project that falls outside of our main goal is the “Crypto Social Network” project. It is a social network that does not collect users’ data with or without permission. Facebook, Twitter, and other similar platforms, which we use a lot in today’s world, make a gain by selling the user data they collect without permission to both governments and bosses. And governments or bosses who buy these can manipulate and direct communities using the data.

4.Road Map

DingCoin Network Link